Before Registration Read Instructions Carefully

Registration for applying on ACT/SAT basis requires opening of an account for which you need to fill up the information under Create Login. All fields are mandatory. Having filled up the fields click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. Your Login ID and password will be sent to your email account immediately.
  • Filling of wrong information in Online Application may lead to cancellation of admission.
  • Keep your user ID and password protected.
  • To prevent unauthorized access to your account, while exiting from Online Application always logout and close your browser.
  • To avoid blocking of mail sent by NUST, add e-mail address “[email protected]” to your e-mail address book.
  • This account is valid for admission in Session–2023 only.

Create Login (ACT/SAT Basis Admission only)

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Note :
Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email from [email protected]. Please be sure to add this email address to your address book and/or safe list to prevent the messages from being blocked as "spam."